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Meghan and Harry keep the royal ties in naming newborn Lilibet Diana

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are just starting parental leave for the second time and I’m wondering if they’ll use the time off from brainstorming in beanbags at their Silicon Valley workplaces to plan a new career.

As comedians.

Is it not hilarious that the couple who for months has publicly excoriated the British royal family has named their daughter Lilibet Diana after two of its most famous women? Since March, Meghan and Harry have repeatedly attacked his family as cold, uncaring racists who showed “total neglect” for Harry’s mental health and were so awful to Meghan that the Sussexes had to leave “triggering” London to “break the cycle” of “genetic pain” amid the rescue hens of Los Angeles.

It’s proven a great way to build a brand for a gobstruck American audience. Yet in naming their daughter after the reigning monarch and the family’s beautiful doomed princess, Harry and Meghan continue to milk the institution they claimed almost destroyed them.

Meghan’s author title on her upcoming book is Duchess of Sussex. When a billion- dollar coaching firm announced it had hired Harry as ‘chief impact officer’, his ducal title was the headline. They know their royal status is their currency, which means they need to use it for fame while casting themselves off from it for their story arc.

So maybe their daughter’s name is hypocrisy rather than hilarity.

Or maybe it’s a Can’t Read The Room attempt to ingratiate themselves with the Queen after trashing her parenting and legacy. The monarch is experienced enough to see it for what it is: a shameless attempt to deliver flowers after burning down the house. Diana was always a shoo-in. The late Princess of Wales is the white hat of the piece in any Sussex narrative about the royals. The Cambridges got there first with Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana’s 2015 birth but Harry has the same right to pay tribute to his mother. For the first ranking royal to be born outside the US, Lilibet is an entirely different matter. It’s not just pure British blueblood. As the private nickname of Queen Elizabeth, it’s pure insider Firm. Bestowed on her in childhood, it’s what her late husband Prince Philip called her. It’s a throwback to another age, something for confidantes and loved ones, something with deep meaning. The Queen will never comment, but she may be reaching for the Dubonnet—heavy handed pour, please butler—at knowing her most intimate family moniker could now become popular among Californian future prom queens. With their son Archie Harrison, Meghan and Harry invoked old Etonian banker meets a dad joke. This time, they’ve gone top shelf and the joke is either on them or us. Read the original article on: The Age

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