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Time to tell your story.

Who you are in the world is important. And the best way to get your message across—from a bold LinkedIn profile to stellar website copy—is by calling in the experts. Cutting through is about more than words.

I write memorable copy for great brands and people.

For decades I’ve told the stories of celebrities via magazines, TV and digital columns. Now I give that star treatment zing to businesses and entrepreneurs who want to shine, be authentic and stand out.

Profiles, posts and blogs
Website Copy

These are your new business cards. They need to sing. Bad Mother Media makes you stand out from the crowd with clean informed copy. No cookie cutter profiles on our watch. 

An overhaul? Starting from scratch? Whatever shape your site is in Bad Mother Media promises to make the words snappier and sexier with great SEO. 

EDM Production

Our experience includes producing EDMs for a daily audience of over 250K. That means from copy to design and hitting send, we'll get your newsletter out to your target audience. 

I'm Kate Halfpenny.

For decades I've written about other people while raising three of my own.

I’m an award-winning journalist, columnist, editor and content creation expert inspired by words, nostalgia, vodka cocktails, salt water and Dave Grohl.
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Writing is tough, even for writers. We all know just writing something original and meaningful in a birthday card can be hard. Because writing is a specialty that involves tone, message, subtle calls to action, humour, research, authenticity. Just like you wouldn’t remove your own appendix, why should you trust words that will build your personal brand’s reach, recognition and revenue to someone who’s not an expert?

Bad Mother Media is your one-stop shop for anything written. From columns, media features and opinion pieces (yes, I ghost write those as well as having my own well-known byline) to LinkedIn profiles, website copy, blogs, social media posts and media releases, we can do it all. Fast. Expertly. No faffing around. Just great, clear, memorable writing from one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted content creators.


We take your story—your professional and personal brand—and turn it into an accurate, interesting narrative that sounds totally like you wrote it yourself.


Love for Bad Mother Media 

Kate Halfpenny is the queen of copywriting.

Tory Archbold

Founder and director, Powerful Steps

Kate is extraordinary and I literally crossed seas to work with her—you should too. She asks insightful questions to cut to the heart of your message then brings it to life in a way that's authentic to you. Working with Kate is easy and fun, like hanging out with your best friend.

Amy Pocsik
CEO and co-founder, Women’s Business League (United States)

Working with Kate is a joy. She is an outstanding writer who works both autonomously and to a brief and delivers excellent copy on time. Her experience means she can do literally anything with words.

Katrina McCarter

Coach, speaker and bestselling author

Kate is an ongoing integral part of my business. The best. I love her. She turns my thoughts into art and I couldn’t do without her.

Julie Hyde

Founder and director, Julie Hyde Consulting

Kate is the master weaver of words that jump off a page, cut through the noise, make a bang and leave a lasting impression

Jessica Ridley

Founder, By The Way Media

I’m an author and pride myself on my words. But Kate has the phenomenal skill of taking my thoughts directly from my brain and making my words sing. I use her for all of my copy. She is brilliant. Could not recommend her more highly.

Kate Christie

Speaker, coach and bestselling author of The Life List

Kate is … brilliant.

Lisa Walker

 Director and co-founder, Eir Women

Within hours or even minutes of reading my brief and deep diving into my objectives, Kate understood my brand and purpose and had created a voice for it that not even I as the founder could have produced. Kate has been integral to the launch of my brand and I know will remain so as my business grows.

Justine Campbell 

Global coach, counsellor, executive mentor

Kate's wicked skill with words coupled with her talent for human connection is what enables her to capture other's stories so beautifully. Kate is the woman you need in your corner.

Alex Tullio

 CEO, Alex Tullio Consulting

Within minutes of reading my brief, Kate understood my brand and purpose and had created a voice for it that not even I as the founder could have produced. Kate has been integral to the launch of my brand and I know will remain so as my business grows.

Jackie Baron

Founder, Neon Goat

Kate is an absolute treasure and a phenomenal wordsmith. She is a master at what she does, setting the whole tone of voice for our business which really resonates. Highly recommend.

Melissa Trafford-Jones

CEO and co-founder, Deltora Diamonds

In research, writing and production, Kate weaves a wealth of skills on any platform. She has more media experience than almost anyone in the game today and her work is polished, smart and full of punch.

Louise Talbot

Entertainment editor, The New Daily


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